Nov 19, 2011

A poet... one of a kind

During the times I was glued to Japanese drama, there was this one particular drama that made me all teary eyed, on each and every episode. The name itself says so.. Ichi Rittoru no Namida (One Litre of Tears). The story was based on a true story of a poet - Kitou Aya (1962-1988), a teenager who suffered from an illness with no cure. Through her umpteen times of suffocation, she wrote a diary that inspired millions. This is a tribute to that poetic heroin, who left the world way too early.


In the world unknown to her
Enveloped in a wall sky high
She encountered...
Smiling faces,
Watery eyes,
Stuttering voices
And the sound of wheels

Her fate stole all hopes and dreams
Making her past... a cherished dream
Her present... a battle of life and death  
And her future... all dark and indistinct

A mountain of things left to do
A mountain of things left to say
Yet the cruelty of her fate
Took all that away
And all that awaited
Was nothing but death and pain

Bedridden and mute
Yet with a smile that never fades
Her trembling hands scribbled
Encouraging words
Day after day
A ritual she performed
Since she was fifteen
Until she bid farewell
At the age, five and twenty

Her words brought life and courage
To millions of people, drenched in pain
And to this day, her name lingers in their hearts
As a savior, a hero... who was born through pain

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