Nov 19, 2011

The Maestro of the Street

Think I wrote this after seeing a street performer.. not so new of a sight in this part of the world. But sadly those who appreciate their efforts are no more.. or visibly less.


In the corner of a dust covered street
Under the scorching sun’s heat
Amidst a throng of sullen people
He’d willingly take a seat

Pulling out a few instruments
From a safely packed bundle
He starts playing a pleasing tune
For this gathering to listen

Switching from flute to harmonica
While playing the violin
He performs a mini orchestra
Accompanied by a tambourine

 Time to time people glance at him
Awaiting their buses to arrive
Slightly tapping their feet to the rhythm
‘Cause his music can mesmerize

They’d forget the scorching heat
They’d forget the stress and tension
They’d forget the anger from waiting
They’d forget all worldly problems

Before long their buses arrive
And the crowd leaves one by one
Only a few willingly offer him coins
While others offer him none

Yet he’s content with what he gets
As he happily counts his collection
And packs up his belongings
To set off in another direction

From street to street he wanders
Far away from his home and family
Trying his best to cheer sullen people
For he’s a true performer of the street

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