Nov 19, 2011

Irony of fate

I recall no particular incident for this inspiration, it was totally random.. but maybe some early observations of my favorite and not-so-favorite arthropods triggered its concoction.. passively. Nevertheless the intricate patterns of a neatly woven web (not the world wide web), never fails to amaze me. 

As the morning dew becomes pearly beads
and roll down the edge of a leaf
The sun rays filter through a thick canopy
and silhouettes a webbed masterpiece

Bound and gagged by the fibrils so delicate
a forlorn fly wriggle and cry
The plight unbeknown to a merry Monarch
flutters to a milkweed nearby

The boughs budge and the branches wave
as the gust blows right and left
The starving hunter closes in
and finds dangling fibrils instead

On the ground teeming with rotting leaves
the cocooned fly twist and twirl
Trying to set itself free from pain and grief
for being stuck in a fatal murk

The wind blows hard on our little Monarch
who whirls and drops on a web
The spider gives no chance and wraps it up fast
while the butterfly wriggles in pain

The fly on the ground break out of cocoon
and shakes off its fear and fatigue
It soars to the sky, passing by
the hunter and the prey.. in a blink

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