Jan 27, 2012

The Sun

The Sun...
Our very own sun
One microscopic star in the boundless universe
Blessed us with a million of things including...
A planet exuberant with life
Of all shapes, colors and sizes
Bright cheerful mornings
Ringing with a chirpy chorus
Beautiful blue skies
Dotted with silky fluffy clouds
The magic of a rainbow
Hidden in the midst of a drizzle
Vibrant blossoms
Exuding the sweetest fragrance
Humming birds and buzzing bees
Dancing in circles
Lush foliage breathing out
The life sustaining oxygen
Gazillion rays
Wrapping Earth in love and warmth

Then the light so bright
Shunning all darkness out of sight
Chants the sincere value of life
For an endless passage of time


  1. The sun is belonged to all of us.

    Not yours, not mine, or his.

  2. "Lush foliage breathing out
    The life sustaining oxygen"
    Love this line and all it implies. Lovely piece.

  3. Thanks for your feedback Rain and Magpie. And Hi Magpie! welcome to my blog!

    @ Rain: Nice rhyming lines. That is quite so true.

    @ Magpie: Glad you liked it. And thanks again. ^__^